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Treat the cause, not the symptoms with the best remedy for allergies !  

Dr. Mastrosimone, M.D.

A. Mastrosimone, M.D.

Allergist for 49 years.

traditional allergy medication

Medications treat symptoms NOT the cause. 

unnecessary painful shots

Avoid painful and sometimes dangerous allergy shots!

asthma symptoms

Your asthma may  be caused by allergies!

painful sinus headache

Sinus and migraine headaches?

Natural Allergy Drops

A natural alternative to pills, sprays and old fashioned painful allergy shots.


Treats the cause of your pollen, mold, dust mite

and pet allergies.  

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I will personally review your symptoms, evaluate your information 

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Happy sublingual drops patient

Jessica's allergies are just about gone! 

Happy sublingual drops patient

Emanuel is now playing soccer and other sports without an inhaler or stuffy nose and itchy eyes. 

runny, itchy nose

Treat the cause of your child's allergies the natural way.

dark circles from allergies

Allergy Shiners can be caused by underlying allergies. 

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