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Treat the cause, not symptoms with the best remedy for allergies !  

Dr. Mastrosimone, M.D.

A. Mastrosimone, M.D.

Allergist for 49 years.

Avoid painful and sometimes dangerous allergy shots!

Best at home allergy treatment!

Treating pollen, dust mite, mold and pet allergies at home with 

 Sublingual Allergy Drops.

Safe and effective method to treat pollen, 

mold and pet allergies for 

adults and children. 

An alternative to painful 

allergy shots, pills and sprays. 


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I will personally review your symptoms, evaluate your information 

and email you my recommendations. 

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Happy sublingual drops patient

Jessica's allergies are just about gone! 

Happy sublingual drops patient

Emanuel a former asthmatic  and outstanding high school  soccer player. 

dark circles from allergies

Allergy Shiners could be caused by allergies. 

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