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Dangers and Side Effects of Decongestants

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Did you know that OTC decongestants like Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) can cause insomnia, heart palpitations, raise your blood pressure and block urine flow?

Decongestants can be potentially dangerous if you have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma or an enlarged prostate.

Antihistamine combinations - Claritin-D, Zyrtec-D contain pseudoephedrine and have the potential to cause side effects. I never prescribe, nor would I recommend decongestants, or combinations for nasal congestion.

For nasal congestion caused by winter colds or allergies Simply Saline nasal spray used multiple times a day will reduce nasal congestion caused by inflammation and allergies. Much safer, no side effects and well tolerated by most children. Avoid store brands and generic saline - they often burn and sting and are not well tolerated. Simply Saline much cheaper in Costco, Sams, BJ’s and Walmart!

Sinus and Migraine headaches triggered by allergies

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The odds of having sinus and migraine headaches are significantly higher in people with allergies compared to those without allergies.

Indoor allergens, mold, dust mite in carpeting and mattresses along with pet dander often trigger pain receptors causing migraine and sinus headaches. Medications treat symptoms, have side effects and can be addictive. Treating the cause of the problem with, safe, non-addicting, sublingual (under the tongue) allergy drops treats the triggers of headaches caused by allergies.

Rhinase great for dry morning and winter nose.

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Rhinase (formerly Rhinaris), nasal spray or gel, is a great product to combat the dry crusty nose we often have during the winter. Warm air from heating systems dries the nasal passages causing nasal congestion and in some cases snoring. Using Rhinase at bedtime can help reduce or eliminate morning nasal stuffiness. Rhinase has a longer lasting effect than most over the counter nasal gels and sprays. No burning or stinging. Highly recommended whenever you fly to prevent the drying effect and nasal congestion of circulated air in planes.

Comes in a spray or gel form or a combo pack - one of each. Rhinase not found in all pharmacies. Purchase on Amazon - use the code NATURAL8 on checkout and receive a 15% discount.

Indoor Allergies are Treatable with Allergy Drops

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Colder weather has begun and we have transitioned from air-conditioning and open windows to turning the heat on and closing windows. Our indoor environment has changed and our exposure to dust mite, mold and pet dander increased. If you are having frequent sore throats, colds, nasal congestion, postnasal drip, sneezing, dry hacking cough, frequent throat clearing, sinus headaches, asthma and snoring you may be suffering from indoor allergies.

Are symptoms worse in the evening and morning? Bedroom carpeting is a major source of dust mite and mold. Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets does not eliminate or reduce dust mites! Carpeting, especially in the bedroom, should be removed and preferably replaced with hardwood or composite flooring.

Home offices, TV rooms and game rooms in basements should not have carpeting. Dampness from concrete slab below the carpet will cause high concentrations of mold and dust mite to proliferate.

Fortunately, indoor allergies, including pet allergies can be successfully treated at home with sublingual, under the tongue, allergy drops containing substances that cause your allergy symptoms. No painful allergy shots and allergy drops start working after being placed under the tongue.


Doctors have no knowledge of sublingual allergy drops or treating allergies at home.

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Does your doctor or Pediatrician know that allergies, sinus and allergic asthma can be treated with daily under the tongue allergy drops instead of allergy shots? The answer is probably not!

Your doctor or Pediatrician like most people is familiar with “allergy shots.” Most doctors and patients are not aware there is an alternative to allergy shots. Sublingual (under the tongue), allergy drops have been used to treat allergies in Europe for more than 80 years. This revolutionary approach is safe, effective and treats the cause of the problem - not just the symptoms.

Most doctors and Pediatricians treat allergy and asthma patients with medication, home nebulizers and inhalers in an effort to control and prevent symptoms. These medications have side effects and more importantly never treat the cause of the allergies. Allergy drops are safe, effective and administered at home. Reactions are extremely rare and there is no time lost going to the doctors office for painful allergy shots.


Is it a Cold or Allergy?

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Is it a “cold’ or allergy? Colds are caused by viruses and are contagious. Colds usually begin with a sore throat, fatigue, coughing and last 3-5 days. Symptoms caused by allergies can persist and recur over many weeks, months and even years. Once allergy symptoms develop, they rarely disappear.

Allergies cause Inflammation in the sinuses and lungs causing

headaches, stuffy nose, snoring, frequent throat clearing, cough, asthma and fatigue. Chronic nasal congestion and snoring can lead to sleep apnea. A potentially serious illness.

The Cause of allergies can be treated while viruses causing colds cannot.

Rain and dampness cause high levels of mold in the atmosphere. People allergic to mold might believe they have a cold, sinus infection or bronchitis. They may have been treated with antibiotics, cough medication or an inhaler. In many cases, their symptoms remain or show little signs of improvement.

Not all sinus infections require antibiotics! In fact, most do not!

A simple allergy evaluation can determine if symptoms are caused by allergies.

Simply Saline Treats Allergy & Sinus Symptoms

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Over the past several weeks rain has all but eliminated ragweed pollen from the air but left us with higher than normal mold spore levels. People with mold allergies are more likely to have sinus headaches, coughing, excessive mucus in the throat and asthma symptoms. Antihistamines have little or no effect relieving mold allergy symptoms.

Simply Saline is a better choice if used often - 4-5 times a day according to technique outlined in my Youtube video :

Simply Saline - expensive in CVS and Walgreens. Cheaper in Costco, Sam’s and Walmart. Very safe for children!

Natural, under the tongue, allergy drops treat pollen, dust mite, mold and pet allergies.


Test scores lower in students with ragweed allergy.

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As ragweed pollen increases students test scores decrease. Mental processing of information in students slows more during RAGWEED season than any other time of the year. Antihistamines can make matters worse.

Treating allergies at home with under the tongue allergy drops is the best alternative for long term. for more information on treatment.


Test scores lower in students with ragweed allergy

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As ragweed pollen increases students test scores decrease. Mental processing of information in students slows more during RAGWEED season than any other time of the year. Antihistamines can make matters worse.

Treating allergies at home with under the tongue allergy drops is the best alternative for long term. for more information on treatment.


Allergy drops in the treatment and prevention of asthma

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Ragweed pollen and mold spores were at their highest levels of the season this week. Up to 30% of adults and 40% of children with respiratory allergies will develop asthma. Treating allergy symptoms at home, with under the tongue allergy drops, is a safe and effective treatment in the prevention of asthma.