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Doctors have no knowledge of sublingual allergy drops or treating allergies at home.

Posted on October 15, 2018 at 9:10 PM

Does your doctor or Pediatrician know that allergies, sinus and allergic asthma can be treated with daily under the tongue allergy drops instead of allergy shots? The answer is probably not!

Your doctor or Pediatrician like most people is familiar with “allergy shots.” Most doctors and patients are not aware there is an alternative to allergy shots. Sublingual (under the tongue), allergy drops have been used to treat allergies in Europe for more than 80 years. This revolutionary approach is safe, effective and treats the cause of the problem - not just the symptoms.

Most doctors and Pediatricians treat allergy and asthma patients with medication, home nebulizers and inhalers in an effort to control and prevent symptoms. These medications have side effects and more importantly never treat the cause of the allergies. Allergy drops are safe, effective and administered at home. Reactions are extremely rare and there is no time lost going to the doctors office for painful allergy shots.


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